Half Marathon Training Plans

13stickerThese half marathon training plans show you how many miles you should be walking or running each week and how the miles should be distributed over the different days of the week. Please click on an icon for your preferred version of the half marathon training plan for your event. If you are thinking about making a change to your training plan you should contact your event coach first. 



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Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathonrnr-sandiego-small planiconNovember Start
planiconJanuary Start
planiconJanuary 23rd Start
pdficonNovember Start
pdficonJanuary Start
pdficonJanuary 23rd Start
exceliconNovember Start
exceliconJanuary Start
exceliconJanuary 23rd Start
Novo Nordisk New Jersey Half Marathon Relayrnr-sandiego-small planiconJanuary Start
planiconFebruary 6th Start
pdficonJanuary Start
pdficonFebruary 6th Start
exceliconJanuary Start
exceliconFebruary 6th Start
Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathonrnr-sandiego-small planicon pdficon excelicon


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