Our Mission & Heroes

Discover more about our honored teammate and the others that we hold close to our hearts.  Knowing how these heroes battle cancer and overcome struggles on a daily basis makes a 20 mile training run seem trivial. Even if you are training in the freezing snow or the crazy heat of summer or soaking wet rain – remember it is great to be healthy and alive. We will not stop our mission until all of our parents, brothers, sisters, children and friends are free from the harsh struggle of cancer.


Meet Kelly

Kelly is no ordinary 23 year old. In her young life, she has already beaten cancer…twice! At the age of 20, Kelly was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. For the next four months, she received chemo to beat her cancer, until she finally was said to be ‘cancer free.’ Unfortunately, only 2 years later, Kelly relapsed and started a more aggressive treatment at the John Theurer Cancer Center when she found out the cancer was continuing to spread. She underwent another 4 months of chemo, as well as ICE treatment for 6 weeks (interesting fact: Kelly was the first person at JTCC to do this treatment as an outpatient, which helped her mentally fight the cancer because she could be home when she had it!), 5 days of mobilization chemo, BEAM treatment for 6 days, and then finally received a stem cell transplant and 20 rounds of radiation; after all of this, Kelly was then was once again declared, ‘cancer-free.’
Kelly suffers from neuropathy in her hands and feet and because of the type of treatment she had, is unsure if she will be able to have children of her own. Despite all of this, Kelly has remained positive. The biggest lesson she took from her cancer diagnosis was, if you want to do something and have the means to do it, just do it!!! Not only did Kelly fight for her life through most of her college life, but she kept up with her classes and graduated on time! Kelly also ran a half marathon during her treatment!!!
Kelly continues to live her life to the fullest and it has become her mission to help others beat cancer and live their life positively during and after treatment! She believes that there will be a cure for cancer in her lifetime—something you are all helping to achieve with your involvement with Team In Training.
Kelly would like you to remember, “When it gets hard, don’t give up. I’ve been there training for races and feeling like I couldn’t do it. I have ran two (half marathons) and each time the feeling I got crossing the finish line was worth it! Not only are you doing something incredible training for a race, but you are fundraising for an amazing cause. I cannot thank you enough and if you are ever feeling like you can’t do it, I’m here to help you. You can’t control the cards you are dealt, but you get to decide how you play them.”
Thank you for all you are doing to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and patients like me!
Kelly M

logan guzman

Meet Logan

At the tender age of just 19 months, Logan and his parents received a devistating diagnosis…he had acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or ALL. This young and vibrant toddler now had to endure rounds of chemotherapy, spinal taps, painful injections, and an array of oral medications as part of his treatment plan in order to continue to live. Instead of spending time playing at home, Logan’s new ‘home’ was at the hospital where he received his treatment. In addition to his parents, Logan’s ‘TEAM’ of supporters came in the form of his caretakers-his doctors, staff of nurses, social workers, and child-life specialists.

Upon diagnosis, Logan’s dad, Ben, knew he had to do something more to help his son. Ben got his health back on track and started slowly walking, which turned into jogging, which eventually turned into him running 5 to 10 miles a day. His son inspired him as he fought bravely against his lymphoma. Slowly but surely, Logan continued to beat his cancer and is now in remission. He now receives treatment once a month to maintain his state of remission.

Inspired by his son, Ben signed up to complete the 2015 New York City Marathon with Team In Training. He raised over $4,000 in honor of his son. Ben continues to honor his son by living a healthy lifestyle. The family is determined to not let Logan’s ALL diagnosis define him or their family.
Logan and his entire family thank you for your training and fundraising efforts as you begin your journey with Team In Training. Think about your own loved ones, friends, or anyone that has battled cancer, like Logan, and remember everything they have had to endure. When you cross that finish line, you will feel such a sense of accomplishment. You can do IT!

Logan and his dad, say to remember this quote, as you continue to train and fundraise…
“He who is not courageous enough to take risks, will accomplish nothing in life.”—Muhammad Ali
On behalf of Logan, Ben, and the entire Guzman family, thank you for joining Team In Training, for making a difference in the lives of those battling blood cancers, and for being courageous enough to take a risk to help others. GO TEAM!!!

c kelly AC

Meet Chris Kelly

Cancer can strike at any time, to any one, despite how healthy or fit you are. At the age of 22, Chris ran the NYC Marathon, and raised funds for the Leukemia Society, in honor of a small child who was going through treatment for leukemia. Little did he know, 22 years later, he would receive his own diagnosis of stage 4 large diffuse B cell and follicular Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma…and so, meet Chris Kelly, your summer honored hero.

Chris received his diagnosis shortly after being sworn in as mayor in his hometown of Somerset, NJ. At the time, he was also training to complete an Ironman triathlon and was feeling what he thought was just aches and pains from his training. A routine physical then CT and PET scans and a bone marrow biopsy showed a diagnosis of Lymphoma.

His treatment plan called for 18 weeks of chemotherapy, with maintenance Rituxin infusions every 6 months. Since being diagnosed, Chris has learned to rely on people when he wasn’t able to do things for himself…something that was not easy for this 5 time Ironman! He also no longer sweats the small stuff, as cancer has helped him reshuffle his priorities.

Chris was able to use LLS’s first connection service which connects survivors of similar diagnosis with newly diagnosed patients. He was able to speak with two people who had been through similar treatment and helped keep things in perspective, as well as prepare him for things to come.

As if going through treatment wasn’t enough, Chris decided to pay it forward, and formed a friends and family TEAM with Team In Training for the Atlantic City Marathon. Together with his wife and two friends, this team raised over $13,000 for LLS. Amazingly, just 30 days after his last round of chemo and just 4 days after his chemo port was removed, Chris ran the full marathon in Atlantic City in under 4 hours!!!

Chris says, “I have so much more to accomplish in life, losing to cancer or giving up is not an option! Quitting is for quitters, and I am not a quitter today. Cancer is losing the fight!”


Meet Raegan

Raegan is a beautiful 2 year old baby who was diagnosed at just 17 months with Langerhand Cell Histicytosis (LCH), a blood disease that acts like a cancer, and is just as fatal, with similar prognosis and falls under the blood cancer category. Raegan is currently battling and fighting for her life! Raegan’s mom, Samantha, says her daughter is a fighter. Raegan will be alternating a treatment plan that consists of chemotherapy and steroids for days at a time for an entire year. A permanent rash on her diaper area and scalp, as well as enlarged lymph nodes and bumps on her head, are just some of the symptoms that Raegan deals with on a daily basis.

In the beginning of her treatment, Raegan would scream uncontrollably while having her blood drawn. Because of the steroids, Raegen’s behavior is altered with frequent tantrums and random uncontrollable rages, and she becomes very hard to handle on the weeks she is receiving chemotherapy. The chemo has weakened Raegan’s immune system so she is unable to be around too many children at one time. She has foot pain as a result of her treatment as well, so walking and running are also difficult. While Samantha says they have been lucky in many respects to have ‘as normal as possible’ a childhood for Raegan, the most difficult part is not knowing if the treatments will kill the disease permanently, and if Raegan will have any long term side effects.

A Note From Raegan’s Mom
“We can only get closer and eventually find a cure because of people like you who help raise money for research. Good luck with your training. Some days will be difficult. Some days will be very hot or others will be freezing cold. On those days, think of my baby girl and other kids that are fighting for their lives and know that what you are doing is helping them with their fight. Hopefully, the training is also helping you get in shape, stay in shape and/or live a healthier life so that you can live long enough to see a cure found! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU ARE DOING!!! GO TEAM!


Meet Jody

My name is Jody, I am 45 years old and I have relapsed for a second time with ALL Leukemia/Philadelphia Chromosome Positive.  My chance of a cure or survival over the next five years is only 33%.  I have been married to my husband Rob for 21 and 1/2 years.  We have four children, the youngest one is learning disabled and my third child is severely asthmatic Read more on TeaminTraining.org

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