Common Training Questions

faqYou have questions, we have answers! Check out these common participant questions about how Team In Training. These are some quick questions and answers. Our library has articles about more complicated questions. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer for, just use our Ask Your TNT Coach Form. Happy training!

Q: Do we run in rain and snow?
A: Yes, unless the weather creates an unsafe environment we will run in all weather conditions. You never can be certain of the weather conditions raceday so it is better to have run in the rain in training than for the first time race morning.

Q: Are runs ever cancelled because of weather?
A: Yes, if the weather is severe check the TNT HOTLINE at 908-956-6623. A message indication the run is cancelled or relocated to a different location is usually posted by 6:00 AM the day of the run. Also check your email prior to leaving for the run location.

Q: What clothes should I wear running?
A: First and foremost……NO COTTON. You should run in synthetic materials including your socks. Cotton will retain moisture and can lead to chafing and you will feel chilled because of the moisture. Look for clothes which indicate that they are moisture wicking….names like Dri-Fit, Coolmax. You will avoid chafing and also will stay warmer if your sweat is pulled away from your body while running.

Q: How many pairs of shoes do I need?
A: Obviously one pair of running shoes that you have been properly fit for at a running store is a good start. Ideally, if you can afford a second pair so you can rotate them on alternate days and allow the cushioning to bounce back completely would be better.

Q: What should I bring to drink?
A: Unless you require something special (allergies- Accelerade has dairy products/religious- Powerade is not kosher). At the group training runs, the coaches will set up water stations about every 3 miles. There will be water and a sports drink at each of the water stops and the start/finish area.

Q: Are there directions to the run locations?
A: Yes, go to the Locations Page

Q: What is layering?
A: Layering is wearing multiple layers of clothing usually on the upper body on cooler days or on an early run start. you can peel off the layers as you warm up and tie them around your waist. Try and make the layers light and looser fitting which allows air to circulate between the layers and keep you warm.

Q: What should I eat during the run?
A: This really comes down to personal preference. There are several options to fuel on the run:
Energy gels by various companies such as PowerGel, Clifshots, GU, Carboom and HammerGel in a variety of flavors.
Energy blocks, similar to the gels but in a jello like cube
Sportbeans – like jelly beans but specifically designed for athletic use.

All of these products should be experimented with during your shorter weekday training runs. Try taking one about a mile from home (stash a water bottle if you don’t carry one) with water, if it does not agree with your stomach you are not far from home. You don’t need to worry about these until we are running for an hour or more. For more details ask the coaches.

Q: What should I do if I am going on vacation or an extended business trip?
A: That is one of the best things about running- you can do it just about anywhere and all you need is your shoes, socks, shirt and shorts. It can be very exciting to explore a new city during a run. Contact your coach if you are going to be away and you can work out what you should be doing while you are away.

Q: I am not a fast runner, should I still come to the group runs?
A: Absolutely, the coaches move around the running route and try and make sure that no one gets lost or is left alone during the run. Frequently you will find a runner who runs about your pace and you will have a new running buddy.

Q: What if I have never run a race before?
A: The coaches recommend that you enter at least one race prior to your event to practice running with a larger group. We post a listing of upcoming races. We do not endorse a particular race but strongly encourage you to enter at least one race.

Q: Can I bring my friends and family to the runs?
A: Yes, but they must sign a waiver of liability. However, we prefer that if you do so it is not a frequent event so that you can focus on running with your teammates.