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Cheryl has raised over $25,000 in 6 different TNT events so she knows from experience how to successfully fund raise and is ready to help you!

Fundraising Sample Letter

letter-iconHere are four sample fundraising letters.  Hopefully this can help give you ideas on what to put in your fundraising letter! [Read more…]

How to Fundraise $5,000

cashYou might be worried about hitting your fundraising goal because let’s be honest it is not easy. You have stepped up to fight cancer not because it is easy but because you are an awesome rockstar and want to make a difference. To help you make that difference here are some ways to fund raise $5000. There are many different ways to be fund raise and hopefully these ideas will help you come up with even more creative ideas that better work with your situation. GO TEAM! [Read more…]

Start Fundraising

thermometerYou can do this! This might be the biggest fundraising goal you have targeted but don’t worry. We are all here to help. To make sure you get a good start to your fundraising start here are some helpful items to start with immediately: [Read more…]


donate-keyboardOnline fundraising is a great way meet your fundraising goal. Don’t worry if you are not tech savvy, we are here to help you learn how to gather the most support from your online connections. We have built a strong and simple to use online tools and mobile apps to help you fight cancer. Let’s start with this simple list of online tips: [Read more…]

Letter Writing

letterA combination of letters and online fundraising is the #1 way to raise funds, especially for first-time fundraisers. The keys to success with letter writing is simple: write a great letter explaining your involvement with TNT (use our samples provided from your staff contact by email) and send it out early to as many people as possible! [Read more…]

Fundraising Ideas

ideaThe following ideas are intended to assist participants of the Team in Training program meet their TNT fundraising goals. These ideas include things past participants have done, and have had success with. There is a lot of room for creativity and flexibility when planning fundraising events, so if you like the model/structure of an idea, but not the specifics – create something that would work for you! Let the creativity flow… [Read more…]

Fundraising Calendar

dateHere are the upcoming fundraising dates for NJ Team In Training and also some ongoing fundraising opportunities. [Read more…]