Healthy Start 5K/8K/10K Plans

5kstickerThese healthy start 5K, 8K & 10K training plans show you how you should be walking or running each week and how the time & distance should be distributed over the different days of the week. Please click on an icon for your preferred version of the 5K, 8K & 10K training plan. Please be careful that you view the plan for the right race distance. If you are thinking about making a change to your training plan you should contact your event coach first. [Read more…]

NJ Team In Training Coaches

coachYour coaches are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have during the training season. The following are phone numbers and email address for the New Jersey coaching staff: [Read more…]

Locations & Directions

mapHere are the current training locations and instructions on how to find us at the locations. Please RSVP before attending a training so the coaches can make sure there are enough supplies for everyone. [Read more…]

Healthy Start Weekly Trainings

5kstickerBased on participant feedback, all healthy start participants are [Read more…]