Hydration – How to thrive & survive

fuelbeltsWhile training for an endurance event, hydrating correctly is key to both thriving and surviving. You will hear a lot of drinking enough fluids to maintain proper electrolyte balance and energy, but did you know you can actual drink so much that it can cause irreparable harm? We want to be really smart about our hydration needs while running or walking.
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How to Buy Sneakers

sneakerIt doesn’t matter your speed nor status in the racing world; as a Team in Training TEAMmate, you are joining the ranks of endurance athletes everywhere. And your vehicle of choice – your feet – need to be treated like the superstars they are. [Read more…]

Why We Taper

taperAfter months of training hard you might be wondering why your mileage is tapering down just as you are approaching your race day. This part of your training is officially called “the taper”. It is time to trust your training, prepare mentally and fuel your body. Tapering is important to a good race day and here are a few reasons why you should obey the taper. [Read more…]

Treadmill Running

treadmillRunning at home or at the gym on a treadmill is good option for your training. There is some confusion about treadmill running because it is not 100% identical to running on the road. There are some good things and not so good things you should think about when you go for a treadmill workout. [Read more…]

How to Warmup Safely

stretchWe often neglect a proper warmup because we’re anxious to get running. But a good warmup will bring blood into and stretch the important muscles and tendons thereby reducing the risk of injury and enhancing the benefit of the training run. Note we are saying warmup and not just stretch.
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Training in Hot Weather

hotweatherPlanning on a run in hot weather and know the temperature and humidity will be pretty high? It’s important to be mindful of the fact that running in hot weather exposes us to the risks of dehydration, heat exhaustion and even heat stroke. However, with a few precautions, we can make sure that we remain safe and healthy as we run through days of hot weather. Here are some things to keep in mind as you go. [Read more…]

Basic Training Concepts

basicYou may be wondering when is it going to feel easier. Since each of us is unique and starting from a different level of fitness, we will progress at different rates. We can’t necessarily predict your rate of improvement in endurance and fitness, but we can predict that if you adhere to the principles set out below, your level of fitness will improve, your endurance will increase – maybe even dramatically, and you will likely get faster even if speed is not a concern. [Read more…]

Eating & Training

energygelThis is an oversimplified article about your nutrition needs while you are running or walking. It is intended to help you start the learning process of nutrition. After you read this you will probably want to consult a professional nutritionist for their expertise knowledge. [Read more…]

Running Shoes and Gear

sneakersPicking out running gear and shoes should be a fun subject. Shopping is usually fun. But it can be scary too. There’s so much stuff out there to buy and picking a shoe can be a daunting task. Let me simplify things and then I’ll ask you to read some articles and watch some videos on the topic. [Read more…]

Don’t train the full race distance

overtrainOften participants will ask why they don’t run 26.2 miles in training for their marathon or 13.1 miles for their half-marathon.

We’ll let you in  on a secret – Training is about getting your body ready for the race while doing the least amount of work. [Read more…]

Common Training Questions

faqYou have questions, we have answers! Check out these common participant questions about how Team In Training. These are some quick questions and answers. Our library has articles about more complicated questions. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer for, just use our Ask Your TNT Coach Form. Happy training!
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How to Run/Walk

gallowayThe following describes some of the benefits of introducing walk breaks into your long runs and possible intervals used. Please let your coaches know if you are interested in learning more about run/walk programs and/or in trying run/walk intervals at the weekend group runs. [Read more…]